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"You idiot. How could you not understand it when I said hurry? You simple minded, daft..."
"Now, now Richard. Calm down. She couldn't have gotten that far," Kyle waved him off.
"She escaped Kyle. She could be anywhere by now, those fields go on for miles. How do you expect to find her?"
"I don't, I'm not even going to look for her," he replied without a single ounce of care in his eyes.
"But we have to look for her, she can't make it out there on her own," Richard pleaded.
"She was dumb enough to run away, she'll come back if she knows what's good for her."
"You absolute moron! Did you not see the wild crazed look in her eyes?! She's gone mental because she missed her dose and now you're just going to leave her out on her own?! She could get hurt out there, or worse, she could even die."
"That would be problematic," Kyle mused, still showing no sign of actual care for the girl.
"Problematic?! That would be problematic?! She's a person Kyle, not some thing or other."
"Alright, fine then. I'll send out a search party in the morning," Kyle sighed and walked away, leaving Richard completely shocked and frustrated.

Richard stared down the long driveway and through the gates, she was out there somewhere and she was probably terrified. He was beside himself with worry, every second he had to spare was wondering if she was alright. As the sun went down, he couldn't help but think of all the times he had shared with her. Nicky, he thought, where are you? He thought back to earlier in the day when the stranger had told him to let her know – was it that obvious that he had feelings for her?

The stars were shining faintly but it gave him no comfort, he could already tell that this was going to be a long, sleepless night for him. Kyle was being of no help at all, carrying on as if nothing at all had happened that day, this made Richard question his decision to keep her here. But he had no other options, everyone else did not have the means to take adequate care of her and taking her home with him would not work well because of his relationship with Christina.

Christina was an amazing woman, perfect in everyone’s eyes really and she loved him but he just didn't feel the same. Absolutely everything about her annoyed him, from her dark unreadable eyes to her pretentiousness to even the manner in which she would walk. At first she intrigued him, but she was too secretive for him to handle. Beyond the mask she wore daily was a dark well of secrets. No one ever knew where she went during the day, no one knew her family, no one was even sure of her last name. Everyone could tell you of what an amazing person she was, but no one knew anything about her at all.

In the beginning he was hooked on her, he couldn't be without her, but she was a poisoning him all along. She secured her place in his life, becoming indispensable. She took care of every facet of his life, making sure he couldn't leave her. Not only did she have him pinned financially, she ringed in on the social arena too, if he even mentioned leaving her he would be pressured back into her arms or he’d lose every friend he ever made and his family would turn on him without a second thought.

His phone rang; he didn't bother to answer it as it was probably Christina who was calling. He wasn't in the mood to hear her voice, in fact he never was but today he just couldn't find it in him to answer. 

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